There’s More To Insurance Than Price, Price, & Price.

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All over the country, insurance agencies are touting themselves as being the “Best Rate” or “Lowest Quote”. For them, it’s a sprint and they’re all chasing the “Price Point” sell, instead of what insurance should stand for, quality and protection. It’s no secret, no one likes shuffling thousands of dollars every year to insurance companies in the event of an accident or catastrophe. However, in the midst of this consumers are being trained to look for absolute savings and the best deal possible.

This obsession is causing significant depersonalization in today’s insurance buying experience. Major providers committed to advertising the lowest rates, meanwhile, the personal support and care given to their customers plummet.

Think about it in these terms. In the event that you required a major surgery, would you rather have a credible, more experienced surgeon taking care of the procedure for a heftier investment or simply choose the cheapest surgeon available? Of course, you would more than likely opt to pay a higher price for assurity that everything will go smoothly. Nearly on the same level, the relationship you have with your insurance provider is often overlooked and underestimated in its importance.  

All it takes is one major storm or accident to completely flip your life upside down. In the unfortunate event that this does happen, you’ll be strongly depending on your insurance agent to pick up the pieces and get everything back to normal. This brings us to the root of the problem.

Today’s insurance agencies, particularly the larger ones, are avidly seeking for more ways to automate the entire insurance process and improve their margins. As they continue to strip the human element away piece by piece, all that’s left are automated emails, dial tones, and claims. For minute daily tasks this is understandable, however; when it comes to protecting your life’s work, it should be protected by a team of people.  

Individuals, families, and businesses need to take a step back from the lowest rate war and explore the value of having a trusted, experienced and most of all personal relationship with their insurance provider. Beyond the protection of a major crisis, an insurance agency should be there as a financial advisor to provide value at every corner. 

About Hogue Insurance Agency:

Hogue Insurance Agency is a family-owned insurance provider for individuals, families and small businesses in the City of Dallas. Our team of fully licensed insurance agents provides an unrivaled experience for customers seeking a wide range of coverage options including home, life, auto, renters, business, boating, and specialty insurance. At Hogue Insurance Agency, we’re dedicated to putting the relationship back into the modern insurance experience.

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