Preparing Your Property for High Winds

Are you prepared/covered for wind damage?

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and the entire plains area have seen an influx in strong storms this month including high winds, heavy rains, flooding, tornadoes, and the like. With such treacherous weather, it is common to see destruction and damage to people’s personal property like their homes and vehicles.

Although summer is around the corner, spring is still upon us, and the chances for severe weather are still at hand. At Hogue Insurance, we believe that storm preparedness is essential. After all, eliminating problematic situations before they happen is the entire premise for insurance, right?

If you live in Dallas/Fort Worth or anywhere in Texas, the Hogue Insurance team urges you to make a game plan. Knowing where to go and what to do before an emergency weather situation can make all the difference in keeping your property, and your loved ones, safe.

Did You Know?

77% of tornadoes have winds over 110 miles per hour.

Flying or falling debris is the number one danger during high winds. Make sure things like your shutters, roof, windows, and doors are inspected and secure on your home.

Establish a Safety Plan

Know how to protect your loved ones.

Create a safety plan for you and your family when high winds or tornadoes threaten your safety. Go to the basement or take shelter in a small, ground floor room, such as a bathroom, closet, or hallway. If you have no basement, protect yourself by taking shelter under a heavy table or desk.

Do You Have the Right Insurance?

Preparing for aftermath requires thinking ahead.

Preparing for a tornado also means making sure that your property is covered before the damage is done. Don’t learn the hard way. Get the coverage you need before you need it!

At Hogue Insurance, we can make sure you are covered for any type of severe weather that may arise. Visit us online at or give us a call at (972) 404-0303 to schedule a free insurance coverage conversation or request an insurance quote!


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